Dare to Go

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By Kuh Belarmino
CFC SFL Fulltime

I love traveling and I love mission trips.

Ever since I was assigned in Visayas I learned to appreciate the true essence of what mission is.

Going on mission is a never ending calling, it is a lifetime adventure that you need to experience.

God always invites us but the question is “Will you go?”

Personally I praise God for the wonderful gift of mission. First, it was a privilege to be called, second it was an opportunity to learn a lot of things about life and third it makes us fall more deeply in love with our Creator, Savior, Our God.

I’ll share with you my realizations and learnings from my recent SFL Visayas Mission Trip that lasted for almost 3 months… 🙂

1. I learned to Value my Family more

I love my family so much and being away from them was difficult. But I believe that because God is the one who called me, He will take care of my family and loved ones. And as I deny myself to bring people back to Christ, My God is blessing my family abundantly.

2. Endure whatever pain you experience during mission

When I got to Catbalogan I experience another physical oppression. My left eye was bitten by an insect and it end up swelling and infected, in short… It’s not pretty.

The Lord always reminded and instill this in me that whenever I go in front and speak to hundreds of people they should always see Him in my life and not just me as a person. I thank God because He gave me the strength to face this kind of situation because it made me gripped unto Him more.

“Even if I look like a monster (haha), even if I don’t feel pretty and people would see me in my most unflattering self… it will never stop me from proclaiming the goodness of the Lord in my life! He brought me into this place because I have a story to tell and it speaks about His Greatness and His immense Love for me”

3. Humility

Whenever I go to Visayas I’m always humbled because of the fact that I need to speak in their dialect. Unlike others that are very good in languages I think it is more of a struggle to me. It was really a challenge because I need to learn more than one dialect from each region. I don’t see this in a negative way because I believe that God is giving me an opportunity to grow and push myself to strive harder and really do my best in serving Him and the people He entrusted to me.

4. Live Out your Convictions

God made me a Fulltime Pastoral Worker, a missionary and it can only mean one thing – He will change me to become the best person that I can be! It’s not about giving talks, going to places, be in fellowship with the members but He make sure that whenever I go on mission it will always be personal to me and that includes living out my convictions that I am a Proud Catholic, Pro-Life and I need to Live Pure.

5. Relationships above all

The people in Visayas are not just members of the SFL Ministry. More than just being my brothers and sisters in Christ, they are my friends and they are my family! More than giving them teachings and conducting activities for them I value the time I spend with each person because I see the living Christ in them.

6. Be Courageous!

You will always be distracted with certain fears, rejections, anxieties, unexpected changes and everything the devil can use to slow you down in spreading God’s work, but always remember that Christ is with You all the time and He will never abandon us.

7. Embrace the uncertain

During this mission trip I was praying and discerning for something, I talk and listen to God during my prayer time, I reflect on His messages for me each and every single day. I thought that at the end of this trip I will have a clear answer from the Lord but certain things and events always end up with an uncertain picture.

I may never got a clear answer from Him at this time but He assure me of this beautiful promise for my life:

” For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

I cling to your beautiful promise My God and to a future full of hope.

Certainly the Lord is faithful. When you follow God’s will and accept the work to spread His message of love you will never run out of inspiration because everyday the Lord will fill us and will always give us a reason to go on.

For He blessed my life in countless ways I can never imagine. And so whenever I need to attune my heart to God, I just listen to His voice. Because it is in Him that I’ll be able to experience the Fullness of Life and to give my own life to others as well.

Praise His Holy name forever and ever!

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