Dare to “BUILD”

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BY Grace Morta
CFC SFL Mission Volunteer

RV Brampton BuildWriting is not my expertise. For the second time, the Lord challenged me to share the pleasure of serving Him through writing. It is a great privilege and a chance to be radical to Him. Here is my sharing.

I used to serve the SAGIP kids in the village site near our area some years ago. Facilitating those kids was a lot of fun, gave so much learning and filled my heart with warm memories. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, the activity had to stop.

But an inevitable ending brought a new beginning. The moment has arrived to get involved once again in the outreach program. I care for this kind of activity in our community – the reason I spent my rest day in RV Brampton.

Being back to RV Brampton makes it different this time because the foundation of the CLINIC on the third floor has to be built. This is one of a kind experience because I don’t have any background in the construction firm. I know it is going to be easy for me since I love to explore new things beyond my capacity.

And so the moment of truth came when we finally took the shovel, dig on the sand and gravel put it on a sack – just like a real laborer under the heat of the sun! After lunch, another task was given to us; we were given a five inches nail without a hammer, definitely not for carpentry. We used the nails to twist the wire that binds the steel for the groundwork of the floor. It was a sunny afternoon and we were at the top of the building. Whew! But it didn’t matter then if I will get burned, what mattered was making my hands useful in reaching out to those in need. And the best part was the bonding and camaraderie that was built among us especially to the people who live there. Everything was shared at that moment – more than food, time, treasure and talent were evidently abundant.

RV Brampton Build

Photo by Ariel Palma

As I reflected on the activities we’ve done, most of us always complain of the workload that we have, an easy task or within our job description. We are always seeking comfort zones that benefit only ourselves. Think of those laborers, they worked hard even if they get minimum wage. Do workload and wage matter to them? Definitely not because they take it as a blessing. Why is Jesus Christ’s foster father, Joseph, a carpenter? A carpenter builds. Not just a house but a home in which a family lives, the basic unit of society. This is a call to all of us, to impose moral values, defend life and renew the family. Build the cornerstone of which Jesus Christ established even if enemies are attacking aggressively. Dare to live with Christ who has become the cornerstone that rejected by the builders.

I have learned that as a servant of God, obedience is the best way to express our love to him. This is my little way of sharing my time and talent to them. The fulfillment it brings is more worth than any other thing. I am looking forward to serve the singles ministry there in the near future!

To God be the glory!

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