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By Aimee Castor
CFC SFL District of Marbel

Aimee Castor One of the best days in my life was on September 14-15, 2013. In Camp Maryhill, Davao City I experienced the POWER UP Committed Servants Weekend!

Coming from Polomolok, South Cotabato, we had to travel for at least three hours going to Davao for the said conference. A lot of things happened along the way – all of us were tired, some even had motion sickness. We were also hungry and sleepy. The one thing that made me feel recharged was that constant reminder of Matthew 4:10 – “Away Satan!”

Aimee Castor

During the first session, we made a collage that states our understanding of who God is in our lives. As the activity went on we were asked to share our greatest blessing and as I opened my mouth to speak I began crying. For some reason I had to let out how I really felt and I felt relieved. I realized that God being the “Power Source” means that I have to cling on to Him all the more. Service may have always been a part of me but an intimate relationship with God is something I now want to work on. To power up is to have that personal connection with God as I serve His people. I also learned to equip myself with things that I need as a Servant-Leader in my area, opening my eyes that there is no limit to how I can bring the cause of Christ to more people not only in my place but everywhere. That weekend I reflected on myself and how I am lacking with the basic ingredient of connecting to the source of it all. My service and my Catholic conviction will never be at its peak if I don’t spend time getting closer and making an effort building an intimate relationship with God.

Aimee Castor Coming to CSW was such a nice experience and such a blessing to my life. I’m so happy that I experienced real joy in this world and will be experiencing more. I’ve learned and realized a lot. After this is another chapter in my life – to face all the challenges and to fix my brokenness hoping that with God as my Power Source all those scratches inside will miraculously roll right off. The biggest part of this challenge is to be able to do the thing that I’m not used to. The biggest learning is to constantly seek God through an active PRAYER LIFE.

It was worth the tiresome travel because I was filled with untiring joy. I went there bringing something that is heavy and He took them all off of me making me realize that everything has a reason so I don’t have to be weary in my life and there’s a lot of reasons to face my life still smiling. Indeed, God has no time to stop filling me up with His unconditional love that I feel so blessed having Him in my life. I feel like I was brought here by God, that God molded me here – the real me, the way He wanted me to be. So many times I rejected His call, yet He didn’t give up on me and now I am ready!

I am Aimee Angeli I. Castor, a servant-leader from the District of Marbel, entrusted by God to shepherd His flock, bringing the cause of the Christ to where the singles are and I am POWERED UP!

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