CFC SFL Novaliches: District Assembly

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By Mae Alaan Peralta
CFC SFL Novaliches

SFL NovalichesThe SFL Nova had its district assembly post-WSC on a Friday evening of 14 March 2014 at the Palace of the Rock, St. Peter Parish at Commonwealth Avenue, Q.C. On the backdrop at the stage, we could see that the theme is “God is Generous (GiG)”. Everybody seemed to be in high spirits as brothers and sisters in Christ gathered again as a district two weeks after the congress in Batangas City. From the arrival time, the mood lingered of WSC hangover with most wearing their missionary 24/7 shirt, music ministry playing songs learned from the congress, and chitchats on moments remembered from last WSC.

During the assembly proper, the opening prayer was led by Sam Sevalla, who exemplified choosing to be brave by leading us to worship despite admitting his feeling of unworthiness. Next came the series of sharing by Juls Pajarillo, Louie Lebantino, Ira Malonzo, Mercy Somera, and Thel Reazo who inspired us with their accounts of how they witnessed God’s grace, providence, and love that equipped them to be brave in their relationships, for their work and family, and in their service in the community.

As if that is not enough to lift us up, there was more to fill our spirits through the talk about “GIG” delivered by Raine Eguico. We were reminded that it is by God’s generosity that we are immensely blessed. She enumerated the different points for giving tithes consistently, one of which is that it teaches us to be selfless.

Also, that we are supporting Christian missions/ evangelization through the tithes we give, somehow making us “missionaries” on that aspect. After that talk, we were prayed over and then we were asked to assess our income and expenses. Correspondingly, we reflect on the commitment to tithe consistently. We were each given a small piece of paper where we put our identity and the amount of tithe we would commit to give every month. By that procedure, we were not forced to contribute 10% of our total income, but we were encouraged to consistently tithe any amount from the heart. After all, we are called to be like God who is generosity Himself.

A manifestation of such generosity was our fine venue and the delightful snack we partook of after the closing prayer, courtesy of (name of sponsors). That is, despite not paying any registration fee for that district assembly. Truly, God is generous forever and ever. #GiG

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