Caring for gay brethren

Caring for Gay Brethren by Ansel Beluso

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By Kuya Ansel Beluso

Excerpts from my recent talk entitled “Caring for Gay Brethren” for SFL Live Pure Volunteers at the CFC-FFL Home Office:

  • “As Christians, even more so as Catholics, we view the social acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle as yet another of Satan’s sinister ways to attack life and the family, the basic unit of the Church. In his 2005 book Memory and Identity, Blessed John Paul II called homosexuality an “ideology of evil,” saying when discussing gay marriage that, ‘It is legitimate and necessary to ask oneself if this is not perhaps part of a new ideology of evil, perhaps more insidious and hidden, which attempts to pit human rights against the family and against man.’
  • “With the same fervor and resolve, therefore, that we do our work on such other anti-life and anti-family measures as abortion, divorce, contraception, euthanasia, capital punishment, and more, we should also reexamine our attitudes about homosexuality especially as it relates to people closest to our hearts – our family, friends, relatives, and brothers and sisters in our Christian community at large.
  • “When the so-called alternative lifestyle becomes not only acceptable but even desirable, it makes people struggling with same sex attraction gaily abandon their struggle and merrily embrace the lifestyle. They regard the process of “coming out” as a way of liberating themselves when, it truth, it is a sinking deeper into enslavement of the flesh.
    “Also, when what is now called an alternative lifestyle becomes the norm, marriage will be totally desacramentalized because it will then be redefined to include the union of both men or both women. Marriage is then reduced as a purely human transaction in total exclusion of God who created marriage in the first place and gave it to man as a sacramental gift.
  • “What is more dangerous is that, now, people in same-sex unions are proposing that they be given the right to become parents through adoption. This totally destroys God’s beautiful plan for marriage and family life – in which a mother and a father have, according to the divine plan, clearly different and complementary roles to play in the creation, growth and development of children. There are values that a mother brings into the divinely created process of parenthood that a father simply cannot contrive; and vice versa. The way God created humans, man and woman are vastly and incontrovertibly dissimilar. Same-sex unions and gay couples assume that male and female orientations are interchangeable, or are mere roles to play out in the theater of the home.
  • “Meanwhile, Catholic communities are dedicated to creating and providing the loving environment within which all kinds of sinners may desire to change – to gain healing and renewal in Christ. But this challenge is particularly difficult in the unique relationship with homosexual brethren. The homosexual brethren desire to change, but they do not know how. The brothers and sisters in the Community desire to help the homosexual brethren to change, but they also do not know how.
  • “There are those who, under the guise of Christian love, lean towards liberally accepting the homosexual brethren to the point of condoning and glossing over their area of sinfulness. But then, as a result of this ‘liberal’ acceptance found in the fellowship of the Community, the homosexual brethren are stymied in their desire and decision to change.
  • “There are those who, under the guise of pastoral correction, lean towards imposing change as a requisite for acceptance to the point of condemning not just the sin but also the sinner. And as a result of this rejection and ostracism, there are homosexual brothers who are forced to resort to repressing their same-sex attraction and hiding their gay lifestyle.
  • “There are those who, because they do not know any better, conveniently ignore the homosexual question for as long as the homosexual brothers do not create or attract a scandal through overt homosexual actuations and lifestyle.
  • “As a result of this conditional relationship, the homosexual brothers either resentfully leave the Community; or choose to stay but relate with the Community more confused than ever not only about their same-sex attraction but also about their relationship with God.
  • “It is notable that the homosexual cannot change alone. He needs the grace from the Holy Spirit which must flow primarily from the love and support of the Community, which must have not just the willingness but also the knowledge of how to give these to him.”

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