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Nemz Bayacag

Committed Servants Weekend was so amazing despite all the problems that we encounter before the CSW such as encouraging participants to attend the said event. We went house to house to every SFL members despite the bad weather but we are happy because we became instruments for these members to appreciate that God is calling them and wants them back in the community. God truly works in us as we share this message to them.  It was the wonderful gift from God and a privilege to share what I have; my skills and my passion in serving Him. He called me and I responded to His call with all my heart to be one of his servants.

However, during the preparation period, some members continue to back-out for some personal problems. We are blessed to have 24 participants and also because of the fact that our area became the host for the CSW this year. It was a nice experience and had a great impact on all of us.

On the first day of CSW in the session Meet Christ, we have encountered God again and He is truly present during the Exposition. What a wonderful experience to feel his unconditional love once again. When Fr.Coronel said that “Maybe there is something in the way he calls our name that makes us joyful, hopeful and excited again.” It reminded me of the first time Jesus called me and met me. I told myself that it’s nice to be here because marami pa akong dapat matutunan talaga.

Hearing the talks given by the missionaries made me more focus as I learn to evaluate myself on how and when have I Meet, Live and Share Christ. “Kung napaiyak ako during the MYMC, napaiyak na naman ako sa CSW di dahil nagdadrama ako pero dahil I felt the presence of GOD working in me. Ang sarap ng feeling, magaan sa pakiramdam kahit that time wala ako sa kondisyon kasi nagkasakit ako pero hindi ko na iniisip. Because Im happy praising and worshipping GOD, I really treasure it talaga.”

I realized that sometimes we forget to thank God for all the blessings that He had given us. And when we experience pain, obstacles and other problems we forget that we knew Him. But despite that, God wants to meet us everyday with his holy presence, he never leave us because God love us unconditionally.

During the Worship Workshop, Kuya Jepoy told us to concentrate and close our eyes and feel the message of the song because God is within our midst. While singing  “As the Deer” I felt God standing in front of me and tells me this message, “Be strong my child, I will not hurt you, believe me for I am with you” like a bamboo tree whatever the storm comes sasabay lang siya sa ihip ng hangin , flexible enough with a strong foundation. It was a beautiful message. Wow life was so amazing with the presence of God. Just like the lyrics of this song, “And there’s more in you that anything else. There’s more in you than what I can feel, think, and could ever say! JESUS CHRIST” and the song “This is My Desire,” I really felt God’s message in those songs and it bring me to tears, because I know that He is there. I want to hug Him but I can’t. I shared this to Ate Chloe after the session and she said” if you hug Jesus baka hindi kana niya bibitawan.”  Honestly, while I’m typing this I can’t stop my emotions, maybe because I still can’t get over the event.

In the retreat I also realize that when I met Christ, it is not the end of it but I also need to live and share Christ also. How amazing it is to live our lives every day, knowing that we have God within us. Realizing that living in Him is not because we are in the community but because He calls us to be like Him in our daily lives as a daughter, sister, a friend, a lover, a neighbor and as a Christian. After we met Jesus, we can truly live and share Christ wholeheartedly. Jesus wants us to Live like Him, even if we are not perfect and sometimes commit sin.

I enjoyed the two workshops after the session, “Speaking God’s Word”and “How to Conduct a Chapter Assembly Workshop.” We really learned a lot from especially on How to Conduct a Chapter Assembly Workshop, Kuya Dy gave us good feedbacks, helps us on the areas that we need to focus on, to be observant and try our best to handle a Chapter Assembly soon here in Mati. I also realized that Living Christ means being mature servants of the Lord.

If we met Christ and started to live Christ and we also need to share Christ. I have learn many things from this community. Like Ate Chloe’s activity of building a tower and letting it stand on a strong foundation, our community here in Mati must be founded on a rock foundation meaning we need to have good relationships with our brothers and sisters, titos and titas, and with the elders in the community. God must be at the center of it what ever happens.

Today, I commit to God.  I will invite more people to Christ so that they can experience what it really means to be a true Christian. We are evangelizing them because we have a mission and vision to encourage them to meet, live and share Christ. We are God’s instruments. Like what the scriptures says” Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). I am challenged to share Him and His love to those who are starving and thirsting for His words and wisdom.

What an amazing feeling to worship and praise GOD. He is awesome and is working in me at all times. I am blessed to be part of this community. I know God has many plans for me, for my own good and not to hurt me. Now I’m actively serving as an SFL and YFL Servant. I will try my best to serve the Lord and to always commit to live, to share and meet Christ everyday of my life. I praise God for the “Committed Servant’s Weekend.”

Thank you to all the missionaries Kuya Jepoy, Kuya Dylan, Kuya PJ and Ate Chloe who never get tired of serving and supporting us. Also, thank you to SFL Gen San and Pasig, Ate Mimie, Ate Marvz and Ziggy for inspiring and being part of our CSW. To our CFC FFL servants for always supporting and guiding us in any activity that we had!

Thank God for all the blessings, thank God for everything!

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