Beyond Blessed

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 by Marbe Sagarino, SFL Pasig

I prayed for discernment and He gave me prudence.

Exactly 3 years ago, I was on a flight to Brazil – a place I never dreamt of going to for a life-changing event that I never thought I would ever be a part of.  It took only a year before that for me to experience inexplicable joy just by exiting a destructive relationship.  And I packed with me a prayer for discernment: “Lord, will you be assigning me a new life buddy?  Will I leave my job which asks me to promote against Life?  Will I ever know which path to choose?”  And because I l had learned to surrender everything, I was not only given a natural gift of impulse.  With the help of the Church and my community, I have also been given guidance to the moral judgment of my actions.  Now, I may not necessarily know where I am headed for everyday but I know that the little things I do are of God.  I thank Him for this gift of prudence.

I prayed for patience and He gave me constancy.

Early on in my career, I was used to job grade promotions and salary escalations in a matter of months.  I was impatient with life and wanted to conquer heights.  But when I prayed to God for patience, He made sure I would get really it.  Now, I am seeing 5 years of immobility but not without grace and constant learning, which is the bottom line of all my aspirations.  I found faithful learning through tough diligence while experiencing the rigor of life.  I now have maturity; constancy.

I prayed for companionship and He gave me LOVE.

Being an only child made me long for a sense of belongingness.  That is why I never want to be alone especially when I again dropped out from that 7-year “friendship.”  I sought for companionship in the mountains and in various random trips with random people.  But God eventually led me to prayer groups and “household” systems which brought me tears, laughter and “magical” moments with newfound “brothers and sisters.”  If this ain’t LOVE, I don’t know what is.  So I thank Him for everything.  For who I was, what I had gone through and who I am today because of grace.  I am more than blessed.  I am more.

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