Believing God’s Promises

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By Ria Raniola
CFC SFL Tacloban

ria raniola1The WSC 2013 in Subic was really an inspiring event. I learned a lot from all the talks and I can really relate to the sharing of other SFL brothers and sisters. Every session became personal to me most especially the third talk, “Faith Works Wonders.” The sharing struck me so much and of course the Exposition never fails to move me. It was also the time wherein, I was able to reflect and really think about the situation of SFLs in our area and there I asked myself the following questions:

How are we going to double, triple or even multiply the number of SFLs in our District? What areas in terms of our service are we going to improve? And how are we as SFL servants?

I paused and looked back on how God has been so good and constantly faithful to His promise for me. I came from a broken family yet the Lord made my life whole through the CFC FFL community. For me this is one testimony of God’s love that is tangible and something that I can hold on to for the rest of my life. He never fails. God always works in His perfect timing. I’ve seen and experienced “Kung gaano kagaling ang Diyos sa buhay ko.”

I really prayed before writing this simple sharing because I know God will help me and will speak to me. May it be in the grandest or simplest things that we do, He will manifest His love for us every single time. The Lord is good, we will always have questions in life but He is just reminding us to completely believe. Let our faith be coupled with actions as well for faith without works is dead. We need to give our best in serving the Lord and be the best SFL members and leaders in our Districts as well. If we believe that this is possible then you don’t have any reason to be afraid. We can do great things for our God, “Faith Works Wonders.” And with this in our hearts and minds we can inspire other people and lead them closer to Jesus. Just remember to let our faith be bigger than all our fears! And prepare to witness a miracle in your life and in other people’s lives. Amen.

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