Awakening the Missionary Spirit (A WYD Sharing)

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By Kuh Belarmino
CFC SFL Laguna

WYD RIO 2013 (1)I remember the time when I first set foot on Brazilian ground; the first thing I said was “Praise God I’m here!” I always bear in mind that I am on a Pilgrimage and more than anything else I am here to pray for others. But little did I know that God had a lot of things, wonderful blessings that He prepared for me during the time that I’ll be staying in Brazil.

In Rio, I have fallen in love with the Lord more. I was able to have a constant dialogue with Him and come up with many realizations that really changed my life.

Rio de Janeiro is such a beautiful place. I traveled and haven’t expected this kind of magic in Brazil. Here the locals are very much in love with God. We have observed it in the way they adore, pray and gather as one Church, it was so amazing and the kind of faith is worth adapting.

Also, I was overwhelmed by the indescribable love of the people in Surui and Rio. Brazilians are so warm, accommodating, fun, loving and very Catholic. The love that they have shown is real. They are my friends and family now and I will never forget them. Truly, the people I have met here make half of this journey already.

WYD RIO 2013 (1)

I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences in Rio. Seeing beautiful Churches, attending great Catechesis sessions, eating amazing barbeque and Brazilian foods, dancing Samba, walking at Copacabana and Ipanema beach, meeting the most interesting set of people in different places and encountering a great inspiration of faith in this event made this an experience of a lifetime.

It’s not everyday you find yourself face to face with the Christ the Redeemer statue. I really marveled at the sight of it, it was incredible, Jesus opening His arms to accept pilgrims and wanderers from all over the world. Only our loving God can save us and He opens Himself to receive each and every one of us.
I also have some questions at the back of my mind that were answered by God in Rio. Like my feelings upon seeing Pope Francis.I know that this pilgrimage is my story. I am on a journey with the Lord and He wants me continuously make my life into a pilgrimage with Him. I am certain that God brought me in this place to be affirmed of His plan in my life.

WYD RIO 2013 (1)

It’s a different feeling when I saw Pope Benedict last 2011, which leaves me in tears. Here when I saw Pope Francis I just feel ordinary. So I prayed about it to God asking Him why I have felt that way, and you know what I realized? God gave me the simplest answer that I needed to understand, that it is indeed the message “BEING ORDINARY.”

The Lord tells me that “We are all ordinary people (like Pope Francis) called by God to do EXTRAORDINARY things in the lives of other people.”

And if we believe that we are being called, God will bless us with the capacity to love like Him. A love that will transform our own lives and will allow us to transform the world. With that I love Pope Francis even more and become more aware of my loving relationship with my God.

The Lord is willing to open doors of opportunities for us to see Him through the goodness of others. Countless blessings unfold right before my eyes. I have seen Christ and after having that encounter, my life has been filled with His love and hope. And I became part of that plan to help others see Him.

WYD RIO 2013 (1)

God’s love has changed us to become better persons and when everyone encounters Christ, the world will become a better place to live in. The whole world needs to know Jesus. One of the teachings emphasizes on putting faith in your heart. And that is the most basic thing that we can do if we want conversion. Put Jesus Christ in our hearts. And knowing that He is enough you can fearlessly go out there and become a disciple of the Lord.

Remember that God has a plan and we are part of that plan. Become someone who is moved by the love of Jesus Christ. Show your love to others and constantly pray for them. It is possible to change the world one person at a time.

What I’m sure about is that I am blessed with the whole World Youth Day experience and I cannot thank enough all the generous people who take part and helped make this journey happen.

Well the Lord has awakened that Missionary spirit in the lives of youth around the world. And as for me, I continue to claim God’s personal call to me.

This is my life and there’s no other way to go but to pursue and share Him. I want more of you Jesus!


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