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CFC SFL Fulltime Workers and Mission Voluteers Give Back

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CFC SFL FTW and MV Christmas Party Last December 15, 2013, the CFC SFL fulltime workers and mission volunteers held their annual Christmas dinner. But instead of the usual exchange gifts, they donated the amount to help build a chapel in Coron, Palawan devastated by Typhoon Yolanda. They raised P12,000.

The said amount was remitted to the No One in Need movement the following day. CFC SFL Ministry Servant, Jepoy Meneses, said that this gesture initiated by the fulltime workers and mission volunteers should inspire the CFC SFL members to give more in helping rebuild the lives affected by the typhoon. “Next year will be a year of giving more of self for the mission, evangelization and helping out others. Hopefully, the vision of a renewed society in Christ will start to happen through empowered witnessing of our brothers and sisters.” he said.

Experiencing God through Service

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By Winston Octaviano
CFC SFL Iloilo

winston octavianoAfter the World Singles Congress in Subic, Zambales last March 1-3, 2013. I asked the Lord, what now after this event? Because I want more of you God and I want more of your love. Then He answered me, “Join the road trip mission”.

I started to plan-out and think of the best place for my first Road Trip mission. The only place that enter my mind was Dumaguete City. I started to research through internet and asking some friends and brothers and sisters in the community about the beautiful land marks, best tourism sites, and events happening in that place. But I realized later on that the posture of my heart for this mission is wrong and I’m glad that God took control and His will prevailed. I was praying to experience God in this mission and He blesses me with an invitation to serve in Antique. I know that God enables me to understand that the road trip mission is not just about the place, the adventure and it is definitely not a vacation. It is all about Him, discovering the Love of God and that is what I really wanted.

June 1-2, 2013 there was a scheduled Compressed SFL Christian Life Seminar in San Jose de Buenavista, Antique. The whole event was a success and we are all very happy to welcome our new brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m glad that I was called and chosen by the Lord and I praise God for letting me become a mission volunteer in that area, I know the place is not my first choice, but following God’s will simply is the best thing I did.

I believe in His plan for letting me do this mission. As I serve Him I just pray for a deeper relationship and understanding of the Lord, and to discover His great love for me everyday of my life. Amen.

“For the Lord said, I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than your did at first. Rev. 2:19.”

Everything in Texas is Big!

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By Teny Mardo
CFC SFL Fulltime

teny cswWE MET CHRIST.

This retreat for the SFLs Committed Servants allowed us all to meet again Christ and be reminded of why, how and when do we meet Christ. Our SFLs servants from New Jersey, Chicago, Houston, Austin and RGV [Rio Grande Valley] arrived in Dallas to experience this “different” weekend for them.

Fr. Joseph Trinh, administrator of the St. Michael the Archangel Parish gave the first session, Meet Christ. He “wowed” us of his passion as a priest and as servant of God. He shared to us that his presence and words at that moment were not religious or spiritual but what,  us, human needed to know be reminded of. According to him meeting Christ is like looking at the mirror and seeing our face and knowing who that person is. We are called to know ourselves, have that sense of self-knowledge, self-growth to reach self-maturity and only then we can be ready to know Christ! It is in Christ that we see ourselves and that in return when we meet Christ, we meet our real self. People must experience the Christ in us.

It was a surprise when Fr. Joseph arrived in the venue and asked us how the session flow will go. After discussing it with him, he asked if he can stay for adoration and confession. The adoration was really part of the session. To our surprised, he offered time for confession while exposition is happening. I was teary eyed hearing this offer from him. What else can we say, but , “Yes, Father!” He said, to meet Christ is to have Him face to face and to come to Him through confession. And Fr. Joseph allowed himself to be Christ’s instrument at that very moment so we can experience how it is to meet Christ!

We just prayed for a good priest to be our speaker for Session 1, and Christ sent us “Himself” through Fr. Joseph. That is totally bigger than what we asked for!

WE LIVED CHRIST and we commit to live more for Him!

This whole weekend of being with SFLs from different parts of US allowed us to see and experienced how we are all living the Christ in us. We’ve heard brothers and sisters who gave their testimonies on God’s greatness in their lives amidst their unfaithfulness, on living like Christ in the world where Christ is no longer the basis of living, on living Christ even in difficulties of portraying our different roles as children to our parents, as siblings to our brothers and sisters in the family, as community servant as a friend and as a follower of Christ, and we have heard and seen how we are all really struggling to “live Christ” and “like Christ!” We are blessed to be called servants of this community. This community have consistently shared with us, what it really means to be called “for Christ!”

This weekend allowed us to experience what SFL life must be. We worshiped and adored Christ and we had fun during our “fellowship” with our SFL brothers and sisters, only to find out that as we all went back to our cabin, our inspiring coordinators we’re jamming with their pajamas. We all sat there watching them and enjoying their music. In my heart, I felt Jesus telling me, this how you live me, be a happy worker and share the happiness to many! We just asked for a very inspiring weekend, and God allowed us to see Him in the presence of our brethren, happy and spiritual! That is bigger that just having a friend who can treat you. These SFLs can give you more, moral support and prayers! This is how they live Christ! Bigger than what the world can offer.


Christ is so “big” that we cannot fathom the works of His mind!IMG_2048

Our last speaker made us realized how it is possible that as we portray our many roles in life, we are called to “share Christ!” He came up in front giving his talk with his police officer uniform! How randomly big can that be?! We are called to share Christ wherever we are and whatever profession we have at the moment. It is not a question of how we should do it but how ready are we to do it?! We are called to be mission ready and we are called to do this “mission” in every way we can. Whether we are in school, office, our homes, with our friends and even in using our social networks to share the big Christ we have!

The whole weekend was a complete “retreat” for us all. We were recharged and ignited once again as to how we will live and share Christ! When the service team was preparing for this, we knew how the whole thing will go. But when the whole weekend was already there, things were changing, blessing after blessing. And so we just felt, to let go and let God! And it did happen! It is true, that everything here in Texas is big. Event that weekend  was “big!” Christ  was the  the biggest during that weekend and He will always be! It is the same thing that we carried to our hearts going back to our different areas of service. With Christ’s greatness, we can be “committed servants” because He made us “worthy” to have our hands’ labors be all for His glory! 




And I Smiled (A WSC Testimony)

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By Cathrine Chalupka
Europe Mission Volunteer

catzeSo I found myself in Subic, along with my family, attending the WSC 2013. “Declare”… Well at first I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t really know what the connection between John 14:12 and the Congress title “Declare” was, but our God is an amazing God, I should’ve known that the Lord would prove the title at the very end of the Congress. It was an amazing event all throughout.

On the first day we started with a Session set up of  a Praise Concert. How creative this is, to incorporate the content of the session into one big prayer. It was so amazing to witness more than one thousand SFLs worshiping the Lord while also listening to the speaker.
 On the next day, we had a convention like workshop program and in the evening the very first Gala night with a dance floor. And then as usual, we had our final Praisefest on day 3 of the Congress with the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

So we were praising our Lord and giving our everything in that powerful moment of prayer when all of a sudden everything went dark – A BROWNOUT. A brownout? How is that possible, why is this happening? I was at the back when it happened. People being completely perplex in that moment, all those scrutinizing faces trying to find out if that was part of the program. And among them the Service team and prayer warriors starting to run back and forth trying to fix the “problem” and then there was the Blessed Sacrament and the worship leader on a complete darkened stage. The picture of a huge oppression was presented to us on a silver platter. I started praying for the event immediately, fearing that people will get distracted because of the brownout, but God answered me immediately. As I found myself in deep prayer I heard the Congress delegates in front singing “in the darkness God’s light shine…” repeating the chorus over and over again and then amidst all of that the Service team running back and forth, the people looking at each other and one delegation after the other joining in singing. I believe we could see God, we could feel God’s presence – and I smiled. For I felt God speaking to me and in that moment I realized for myself: it was a test.

This year’s Congress title was “Declare”. To declare God’s glory and our faith is easy in a perfect set up like the congress, it is easy to worship God and live out our faith together with others who share the same passion and faith. So how about declaring our faith in dark times, during the wild storms in our lives, when everything seems to be dark and we find ourselves in lonely places? God is a God who tests us and we answered. While we were singing the drums started to accompany us and all of a sudden the acoustic guitar was online again. Excited to see how the instruments one by one came back online, the screens warming up again the crowd started singing louder. And then God’s biggest blow – the stage lights together with the electric guitar all at once turned on again. What a dramatic effect God surprised us with – it was like a light show in a concert and God was our star. The spots all pointing and the live camera focusing at the Blessed Sacrament people started applauding and shouting for joy and excitement. It was God telling us “Be assured that I am with you even through the darkest times in your life, so declare you faith even then!” A breathtaking, amazing moment. Tears were running down my cheeks for God always use the most wonderful ways to show Himself and His power. I thought that the brownout was “the oppression” to bring down the excitement of the Congress but our God is a God who transforms everything in His very own beautiful ways.

The oppression was transformed into a huge affirmation for our faith in God. Indeed God showed us that faith works wonders and we declared that faith works wonders in any kinds of circumstances. We came, God tested, we responded and God reaffirmed us. It was a spirit-filled event that I will never forget, we were truly witnesses of God as a miracle worker. May God be praised.

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