The Suggested Chapter Assembly and Household Topics for January 2017 are Now Available

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Another year has passed and we start 2017 with a hopeful heart – bringing all the things we learned with us so we can move forward as single men and women have grown to become better. As we enter this year, the Lord wants us to look forward with so much hope and excitement for the better things that we are to experience.

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CFC SFL December 2016 topic

The Suggested Chapter Teaching And Household Topics for December 2016 are Now Available

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There are points in our lives, we catch ourselves regretting the things that we have done in the past. We regret the missed opportunities. We regret the words that we have said; or words that we could have held back. We regret the things we did or things that we shouldn’t have done. We regret not spending our time more wisely, that could have resulted for us accomplishing more. Everyone, at one way or another, have committed a mistake or a decision that they would like to correct or undo.

As they say, in looking back, we learn and in doing so, will enable us to move forward.

Download the December 2016 Topics Here

Emptied and filled

The Suggested Chapter Teaching And Household Topics for November 2016 are Now Available

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As singles, we are in search for meaning in this life. We find our meaning in the careers we pursue, in the relationships we enter and keep, in the activities we invest are time into. Sometimes, even if we find our schedules fully packed and we are very busy in life, but we still end up feeling empty.

When we feel empty, we feel that we are treading on a life that is meaningless. We feel worthless and unproductive. We feel stagnant. We feel that there is nothing new and exciting happening in our lives. This happens because we fill ourselves with unessential things that do not last and do not give meaning to our hearts.

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D Original Me

The Suggested Chapter Teaching And Household Topics for October 2016 are Now Available

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In his book Fill These Hearts: God, Sex and the Universal Longing, Theology of the Body enthusiast Christopher West prefaces his treatment of the mystery and grandeur of the Divine plan for love, marriage and sexuality from the prism of what he calls the 3 D’s: Desire, Design and Destiny. We are seeking for our life direction and finding satisfaction for our longings and desires.  There is a need to understand first God’s original plan for us and we must attune our lives to that plan. Also we must realize our tendency to veer away from God’s original plan.

Download the October 2016 Topics Here

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