An Evening at the Café

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By Jill Soriano

SFL Crossworks Cafe“Yes. And let’s invite more people.” I was surprised by how Jie reacted when asked if the coffee session was something worth doing again. I have not really expected that she would love the session much. I know that she is receptive and open to such things, but it’s her first time to meet those people and how she responded to the question is not how she usually is with people she never knew at all.

It made me smile. And it still makes me smile whenever I remember that night. I didn’t know that such thing would touch her. Having known her to be good with money and management of it, the discussion still made her engaged – all throughout!

SFL Crossworks CafeJie was a day-itself invitee, whose attendance I even doubted as she said she would still come from Quezon City. We even really worried that none of our invitees could make it that night. At twelve noon that day, my friend, whom I initially invited, asked for a rain check as he has an urgent family matter to attend to. At four o’clock in the afternoon, Anjo told me that his invitees also cancelled due to valid reasons. But it’s just so amazing how God works. I must admit I almost faltered few hours before the first ever Crossworks at Café. But as people started coming in – He again showed me that He has a plan.

The night came out to be a very wonderful hangout session, with us talking about financial management. It was good to hear different perspectives about handling money. It was also delightful to get to know other people. And it was fulfilling to cater to the needs of singles, infusing the words of God in their daily activities. After all, God is present in everything that we do, not only during moments of solace.

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