A Weekend to Remember

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By Caryn Diabordo
CFC SFL Iloilo

2014 was declared as the year of the laity and this year is also considered as the year of missions. I am very happy and privileged to start the Love month with an inspiring mission trip. It was really a very overwhelming experience for me as I went back to Antique once again. In 2002, I went on mission to Antique to serve the youth and this year I was given the opportunity to go back in that place to go on mission for my SFL brothers and sisters.

My dear SFL friends from Iloilo asked me if I’m available to be with them on a weekend mission, I immediately checked my schedule and said “Yes.” Even if I have work on Saturdays, I made a decision to just follow them in Antique because I believe that I need to be there and serve with the team.

We had a meeting for the said mission and I was shocked that the talk that was assigned to me is about “Receiving the Power of Holy Spirit”, which was actually the baptism talk. I’ve never ever delivered that talk in my 19 years in the community and I know that it was a very crucial talk also. I was tempted and I feel unworthy to deliver it but my brothers and sisters here in Iloilo encourage me and they told me that indeed I can, and because I was reminded that this is a mission for the Lord, again I said yes. It was purely the work of the Holy Spirit! I am sure of this. And it gave me the confidence to deliver my other talk which is “The Life and Mission of CFCSFL.

At first, I find the mission ordinary maybe because I was already used to doing it and giving talks but then during the CLS itself, the Lord made me realize that it was an extraordinary experience. What an amazing weekend it is, appreciating the beauty of brotherhood and sisterhood, overcoming fears and temptations, the overwhelming support of CFC FFL Antique, and receiving wonderful blessings from God. The CFCs serve with us in the CLS and they were so generous to provide the things we need. Also, they feed us with different types of food – the perks of being a missionary!

The participants were awesome, they really amazed me. They were very eager to listen to the talks and share about their personal lives. They really approached us asking about the community and things about mission. I then realized that with just one “yes”, we became a blessing to the participants and they too are new blessings for us and for the community. It was one of the weekends that I will never ever forget! I thank God for the opportunity to serve and do mission for Him. May God be praised!

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