A Waterfall of Tears

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Esther-Marie Tidoso
CFC SFL Vienna, Austria

Esther-Marie TidosoI was at Firsttimer at this year’s SFL Congress. It was a great feeling being able to sit in the crowd again, having absolutely nothing to worry about and just let everything set in slowly. Apart from that I felt really blessed to be able to be witnessing another spiritual weekend with my best friends. It made me appreciate our friendship even more. I’ve always been very keen on listening to talks, workshops and everything else that would make me grow spiritually, hence I was really looking forward to the sessions. Even before the congress season, I’ve started to get into this year’s theme: Faith. It helped me a lot in situations where I felt anxious and blinded by the world. God is truly awesome because during that weekend, I have witnessed His love and His mercy deep in my heart – that explains the waterfall of tears. It occurred to me for the first time that He was speaking to me. He spoke to me through the sessions, especially through the Live Pure Workshop and the second session, but most of all during Adoration. Ever felt this warmth inside of you during the Exposition and hearing the answers to your prayers? That’s how I felt.

Besides all emotional parts, who knew that SFL’s could really throw a great Catholic Party? I really enjoyed the 20’s Galanight. At the end of the weekend I was just really proud to belong in such an inspiring and God-fearing community. I was very proud of the Ates and Kuyas who made this event possible. I’m still in awe and I hope, when looking back 10 years from now, I will still be joyful about this experience.

May God be praised!

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