A Prince in God’s Kingdom

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By Kevin Malinao
CFC SFL Paranaque

I think everyone will agree with me that all the events that transpired within WSC is truly memorable. From the beginning of the first day up until the closing day, everything will be etched in our memories forever, but there is one event that will truly stand out. For me that memorable piece of experience was the praise fest we had after the exposition of the Holy Sacrament. Why is it that this was my most memorable experience? It is because I truly felt that our Savior, Jesus Christ, was present as we sang our songs of praises that night. It may be because of the fact that the blessed sacrament was present during that night. I envisioned Jesus Christ, sitting at His throne, as we worshiped Him with our songs. In my mind I said that, “Lord, you truly are a rock star!” and the Lord looking at me and giving me a thumbs up! He was smiling. He was glad. He was happy at what He was witnessing, together with His mother at His side. Also, in this congress, I got to know who I truly am. Another memorable experience to me, because despite of all my unworthiness, my sins, the mistakes I have committed in the past and despite of my low self-esteem, God reaffirmed me of who I am. His special and unique creation. I am capable of many great things because He created me in His own image. I will always hold a very special place in God’s heart, a prince that is an heir to His kingdom.

Also, I would like to add that I really had much anticipation for this year’s WSC,I really had one question in my heart that I really wanted the Lord to answer. It was kind of affecting every aspect of my life and I was looking forward to the congress to have it answered. And, as expected our Lord God didn’t let me down. On the eve of the congress I had a talk with my mother and through her, God answered my question, I just realized that my conversation with my mother the evening prior was His answer to me when I was at the congress. I believe that it was His answer to me because I felt peace with what my mother said.

All the events on this year’s WSC was God’s reaffirmation of His Almighty strength. That as we face the toughest challenges in our lives His strength will pull us out of there, that He will always be our sure foundation. And for that may God be praised.

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