A Leap of Faith Back to our Father’s Arm

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By Charisse Malabanan
CFC SFL Sweden

Charisse MalabananExperiencing ESC must be one of my most favorite highlight of 2013. From talks to workshops to Adoration everything was perfect! Truly, a journey to God is sweeter when it is shared. And this year, I was able to share this wonderful experience with hundreds of SFL all over from Europe . I felt that I had renewed my faith in Him. It became stronger, deeper and purer.

What I love the most during ESC was the Chastity Talk simply because we were able to deal with real issues and see these in a very different way. I felt so humbled by this talk because I just felt how much The Lord loves us. It felt like He was whispering softly in my ears… You are beautiful, You’re not a Mistake and You are Worth It. I felt His mercy and forgiveness overflowing and He just mend me where I was at. Truly, God gave me another opportunity to free myself from unnecessary guilt, shame and fear though the virtue of Chastity.

Before I have a lot of things that I would love to change in my past, but now He just let me embrace everything in it and let it become stories of His unfailing Love. He constantly reminds me that it doesn’t matter what we had in our past but what matters is where we are going and until now, I still can say that the impact of ESC to me is still so huge. I have this desire and conviction to be chaste and modest simply because I know now what I deserve and it is to be happy and to be loved. I might fail, doubt, fear but one thing is for sure with God’s grace nothing is impossible. So Let our Faith be bigger than our Fears. Trust… because all we need to do is just to take a Leap of Faith back to our Father’s arm.

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