5 Ways To Being Spiritually Motivated

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When I first started working, my colleagues are usually the happy-go-lucky type. They spend their salary to buy gadgets, luxury, comfort, or anything that appeals to their immediate gratification attitude. I must admit – being surrounded with these people everyday and having the buying power can be very influencing. But as we dig deeper and deeper into this kind of lifestyle, we may realize: it’s a trap.

When we start keeping ourselves in a worldly state, we also start to lose track of our spiritual state. Yes, we may feel gratified for a few moments with the things that we have, but our happiness is not complete and lasting.

Here I write 5 things that people in their early 20s to 30s can do to keep themselves spiritually motivated. Take it as a challenge.

1. Find a support group.

Yuppies are encountering a lot of challenges daily – be it your commute, traffic, monetary issues, family issues, trouble with a workmate or boss, name it! The only breather that we have is to hang out with friends. However, it is very easy to be persuaded by peers, which is why it is important to choose a bunch who will keep you motivated, inspired, and closer to God. It is a cliche to say, “Choose your friends wisely”, but in this journey, it is what it is! Having a support group with whom you can say all your troubles to, without judgment, is a gem in this world; they help you overcome your daily challenges without losing your values.

2. Join a local Bible study.

One common question of this generation is: What is my purpose in life? Others seek all their lives for answers yet some pass on without even knowing, or living, their purpose. One concrete way to find out what your purpose in life is is to read it directly from our lives’ instruction manual: the Bible. However, I often hear my peers say that fifteen minutes allotted for a weekly homily is not enough to ponder on the Word of God. Which is why I greatly encourage you guys to join a local Bible study near your home or workplace – usually done in public places such us restaurants or coffee shops – so that you may be able to understand more what God is telling you to do and maximize your life’s purpose.

3. Attend the mass regularly.

Sometimes, when we do something in a regular basis, we tend to lose the essence of it. It tends to be monotonous, boring, and routinary. For those who think that life is just a routine, I urge you to attend the mass as regularly as you can, and really be in the moment. Participate. Sing. Reflect on God’s word. Be quiet and listen to what God is really telling you to do. Receive Jesus. Give.

4. Volunteer.

There is nothing more fulfilling than to give a part of ourselves to others! There is a sense of fulfillment in the thought that, despite all the problems our country is encountering, we were able to be part of a solution to one of them through small, concrete ways. Register for a feeding program. Offer your time and ears for the elderly in the home for the aged. Make the people with special needs feel happy and important even just for a day. If you want, you can even go on mission. Trust me – thinking about people other than yourself even just for a day can boost up your motivation in no time.

5. Keep a spiritual journal.

At the end of the long day, give yourself time and reflect about the things that happened. What did you do for the day? Where you able to serve your purpose? Did you love? What would you do differently for tomorrow? You may write your reflections, inspirational quotes, people you want to pray for, prayer concerns, and even your goals, down on your journal to keep you inspired and motivated, and also to track your spiritual growth.

These are really easy, feasible, and simple steps to keep yourself spiritually healthy. What about you? What other challenges can you think of? Share them with us!

By Bianca Perdon Garcia, SFL Novaliches

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