5 Songs to Keep You Inspired During the Weekend

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It’s finally the weekend!

If you’re having a hard time getting up and facing the best two days of the week, you’re lucky! We’ve rounded up songs for your weekend beats. No problem if you’ve been feeling inspired the past six days (now, coming seven!), because this one’s for you, too:

Here are our picks of 5 Songs to Keep You Inspired During the Weekend:

  1. Can’t Stop the Feeling (Justin Timberlake)

We know you’ve heard this song, probably first via Facebook, when it flooded your feed that J.T’s back. Finally! Right? We mean, didn’t you just miss the groove his music gives? Or Justin Timberlake, the ultimate performer himself (flashback to 2013 MTV Video Music Awards). Thanks to DreamWorks Animations’ Trolls, we’ve got a new single from him to dance to – literally, that’s what the song’s about. Oh and about feeling good for the weekend too (let’s insert that there). And we quote, “cause I got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good soul in my feet” and “I can’t stop the feeling so just dance, dance, dance.”

  1. Something Better (Audien ft. Lady Antebellum)

Here’s a little EDM to add to the list. DJ Audien drops feel-good beats with Lady Antebellum in this single. We don’t know about you, but we love to listen to this song on repeat. We mean, wouldn’t you just love the lyrics, “So wait for me, I swear I’ll find you… I know we were meant for something better” (add a dozen “Oh’s” there for ultimate feelings). Nevermind the really cool and a tad bit kilig music video which you should watch. So here’s to the hopeless romantics and the not’s, and to those who just believe and need to believe that we are meant for something better.

  1. Over and Over Again (Nathan Sykes ft. Ariana Grande)

Time to go a little bit mellow. If you feel or want to feel romantically inspired, this is the perfect song for your weekend. The perfect combination of Nathan Sykes, embarking on his solo career, and Ariana Grande is just literally good music to our ears. Something about endless love, that’s what the song’s about. We won’t go on babbling about how just amazing this song is that it might as well give us goose bumps. We mean, that blending is amazing. We’ll let you be the judge of it.

  1. Up&Up (Coldplay)

We know you know this. It’s everywhere, from your newsfeed to the radio to your music playlist. And now to our list. We cannot not recommend Up&Up in your weekend music. It probably has one of the most hopeful and optimistic feels and lyrics (and not to mention a cool music video too). The song talks about us getting it together somehow, blossoming, and flowing – basically, we can do it; we’re gonna make it. A bunch of quotable quotes from the song, it might mean we’d post almost the whole lyrics. So we’ll leave it here.

  1. Ride (Twenty One Pilots)

Here’s a fun weekend song to keep you going even if you’re doing a ton of errands, or just in the car driving around the city, or a road trip with family and/or friends. Basically, music you can dance and sing-along to (or make a music video of). Don’t worry, the rap part isn’t as fast. You’ll catch up for sure!

Download the list to add up to your weekend playlist and take the inspiration up to the last 2 days of the week. Get going for the weekend. Follow and Like www.facebook.com/CFCSinglesForFamilyAndLife for more features on the latest. Have a blast!


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by Maureen Causing, SFL AMP

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