5 Graduation Gift Ideas for the 2016 Graduate

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By Marion Causing, SFL Pasig

For a lot of colleges this year, this is the season for graduation. You probably are a graduate yourself (from college or even graduate school) or at least have known someone in your immediate circle who has graduated this 2016. In which case, let me start with this: Congratulations! Take it from me, the feat of the graduate is not his or her own alone but of course, made possible by God, and the feat of the people who has surrounded him or her with support and love throughout the trying times of education, and will continue to do so throughout the trying times of real life or what we so fondly call, “adult-ing”, when he or she is already allowed to leave the nest confidently and fly towards the fulfillment of his or her dreams… finally.

Naturally, this is to be celebrated in one way or another and one of the (sometimes) challenges for those of us who have been the support group is thinking of that little token to show how happy we are for the 2016 graduate, the grad gift.


Don’t worry, we tried to make your lives simpler and made our own list of 5 graduation gift ideas for the 2016 graduate. When the commencement congratulations are in order, share your best wishes with one of these ideas. Take a pick.

1. Help your graduate travel more stylishly with a weekender bag (or an everyday bag)


You can never go wrong with this. This is a graduation staple. It can be an everyday bag, but it can also be a type of weekender bag, especially if the graduate is part of the community. Although it is true that as a student (esp. college), you probably will have more time to go on missions, but as a working person and earning, there is nothing more fulfilling than saving some of that hard-earned money to go on mission on one of your leaves.

 2. For the techy graduate, help him or her be ready for anything with a powerbank or an external drive


Great to have in work, while going out, and going on missions. We all know that sometimes charging outlets are hard to find and files are needed to be carried around so this is such a handy and hassle-free alternative, very practical gifts.

3. Treat the graduate to a day of pampering in a spa or a salon


In facing life head-on, a.k.a, looking for jobs and going through endless interviews, there is no harm in placing your best face forward. This is sure to relax and rejuvenate you enough to face the world in a confidently beautiful/ handsome/ wonderful way. Plus, let’s face it, they deserve this pampering after the sleepless nights.

4. Give the graduate something personal- get real, physical photographs you can decorate his or her space with.


Most graduates will stay where they are, some will have to travel far and get their own place, away from their families, just to find work. With the advent of social media, people have lots of pictures online but when you find yourself in a new city, hurdling new challenges, physical prints will make your space a lot warmer and remind yourself of the support group that you have with you even away from home.

5. Continue your support through inspirational books


Inspirational books make great gifts for the graduates because they can inspire them during the times when they feel overwhelmed with their own jobs. As joyous as it is to leave the academic life behind, for most graduates, it has been their comfort zones and so, they are now entering another chapter in their lives that’s unknown. With all these happening at the same time, sometimes, the best support that we can give is to remind them that having your eyes fixed on something still will make everything better. This will give the assurance that as God is has been victorious in their lives in the past, so will He be now in the next chapter of their lives.

To end, to the graduates of 2016, again, congratulations! Hug your parents, they graduated too! Enjoy the fulfillment of Jeremiah 29:11 in your lives, “For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the Lord, ‘plans for your welfare, not for your woe! Plans to give you a future full of hope”. Chin up, smile, be ready to face the world radiantly and confidently. This is your time now.

Have more graduation ideas? Comment here! Or tell us about your most treasured graduation gift this 2016.



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